Brief – innovate – design – deliver – Wow

That’s how we summarise the key elements of our design approach. Whilst each project is different with its own particular challenges and priorities, we apply the same considered approach to each - irrespective of individual scope and scale – to ensure a consistent high quality of delivery.


We listen. Really listen.

Listening to our Clients is central to our approach. It is only through listening intently that we can fully understand user needs and aspirations; what a project needs to deliver.

We believe that the briefing process is key to project success. We specialise in complex buildings and understanding processes and functional relationships.

Just as important as listening, is asking the right questions. Our tried and tested engagement processes allow us to quickly develop a detailed understanding of multi-stakeholder needs and identify and explore where synergies can be achieved.


There is always a better way to do something. We take a ‘baggage free’ approach to issues, un-encumbered by traditional answers. We are successful at challenging convention and preconceived ideas. We take a highly pro-active approach with an ability to think and explore laterally without losing sight of project objectives


Good design improves lives. We are passionate about design as a tool that can create real benefit for all - from individuals to whole communities.

Good design is about people. We place people at the centre of our design approach and recognise project stakeholders as ‘Co-Designers’.

Good design delivers ‘Best Value’: the optimum combination of project whole-life cost and quality. We are committed to achieving best value for our clients.

Good design is sustainable. We have a proven track record of successfully delivering projects that have high levels of environmental performance and sustainable design as a core performance requirement.

Good design is collaborative. A project will often have to cater for many and often diverse points of view. Communication is key. We are friendly and approachable, talking a common language and ensuring that all participants in the design process have the opportunity to express themselves.

Good design is responsive. We never lose sight of what a project has to respond to and deliver. Our approach is holistic – catering for current needs but embodying the capacity to address future change and flexibility.


We are expert at leading, driving and delivering the architectural project vision and design from concept through to completion.

We are committed to delivering quality and maintain a Quality Management System accredited to ISO 9001.

We work in dedicated project teams. One of our key differentiators and strengths is the blend of complementary skills and expertise we offer – our project teams are carefully chosen to optimise outcomes.

We make extensive use of CAD technology at all stages of project procurement from concept space planning to detailed design coordination. We were an early adopter of 3D CAD and have used 3D BIM for over a decade. We have extensive experience in level 2 BIM through the design and delivery of highly complex buildings in the public sector.

We are realistic about what project budgets can deliver and have a reputation for delivering on time and on budget.


Pleasing our clients is our most important value. We always aim to exceed expectations.

We use our creativity and specialist technical knowledge to create buildings that deliver, delight and inspire.

BMJ are a dedicated team of highly creative design professionals whose main focus is on Client satisfaction and design excellence. We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our Clients based on trust and reliability.