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Extra Care Homes, Hucknall

Home and Community

Extra Care Homes, Telford

Home and Community

Royal National ENT and Eastman Dental Hospital

State of the Art Treatment Centre

Scarman & Arden Refurbishment, University of Warwick

Home Style

Beatson Cafe, University of Glasgow

More than just a Coffee Shop

The Pears Building, Royal Free Hospital

An Integrated System of Research & Patient Care

Cell Therapy Catapult, Guy's Tower

A Cohesive, Imaginative Working Environment

Cleft Services, St Thomas Hospital

Creating Smile Through Care

New Birthing Suite, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

State of the Art Birthing Facility

Scottish Ocean Institute, University of St Andrews

World Class Research Institute

Project ICE, University of Glasgow

Empowering Personalized Care

28th Floor, King's College London

Empowering Research through Space

Tavistock Place 2, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Leding Research in Public Health

Acex & Bone, Imperial College London

Flexibility in Research

Gassiot House Extension

Utilising New Technologies & New Innovative Ways of Working

Rocking Horse Nursery, University of Aberdeen

Sustainable Learning

Glasgow Royal Infirmary A&E Deepartment

Largest A&E Facility in Europe

Customer Service Centre

A Modern Twist on History

LonDEC Project, King's College London

State of the Art Education & Training Centre

The Scottish Crime Campus

Collaborative Agencies for Anti-Crime

Laboratory Medicine, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital

Innovation for a Healthier Tomorrow

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital

Teaching, Healthcare & Research as a Fusion for Better Health

The Discovery Centre for Translational & Interdisciplinary Research

State of the Art Laboratory

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