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Extra Care Homes Telford

Project Discription

The Site is located in Stirchley, an established residential area to the south-east of Telford. It is situated approximately 1.9 miles to the south of Telford Town Centre, approximately 2.4 miles south of Telford train station and approximately 3.3 miles south of Junction 4 of the M54.

The surrounding area is relatively low-rise, formed of one storey buildings to the south and east, and two and three storeys to the north. The Mad Brook/Stirchley Dingle - a 5 ha Local Wildlife Site and Nature Reserve - is located to the west of the site beyond Grange Avenue. The northern part of Mad Brook features two ponds that were created when the original brook was dammed. The ponds are accessible via a public footpath that runs in a north-south direction, the entrance to which is adjacent to the site off Grange Avenue. This footpath also provides access between Grange Avenue and the residential area of Brookside.

The 0.412 ha site houses an L-shaped building providing some 5,859 sqm of floorspace spread over three and four storeys. This is broken down into 67 apartments totalling 3,725.5 sqm and some 2,133.5 sqm of operational space including the areas for communal activities, staff, plant, kitchens, waste, cleaning, etc.

The 67 apartments are split into 61 54 sqm one bed and 6 68 sqm two beds. External amenity space is provided with some 650 sqm of courtyard garden on the ground floor and a 660 sqm roof garden on the three storey building.

Sustainability is at the heart of the proposals and respecting the environment is inherent in the design approach.

The proposal recognises the opportunities that are available for sustainable design and the implementation of renewable energy, which also go to the very heart of the HAPPI design principles

This is a relatively small site where issues such as landownership and access, utilities and servicing, topography, proximity to the Mad Brook, orientation of the sun and the proximity to adjacent buildings have all had an influence on the way the proposals have evolved.

The building design has been adapted to suit the particular opportunities and constraints of the Site, namely the opportunity to align the Site with Grange Avenue, to provide a new positive frontage to this road, while at the same time respecting the sensitivity of the adjacent community uses and the Mad Brook Local Wildlife Site and Nature Reserve.

The proposed massing therefore focuses the taller element of the building (four storeys) on the northern part of the Site fronting the adjacent car park and the shorter, three-storey element on to Grange Avenue. This allows for the creation of an internal courtyard, open to the south, which whilst partly contained by the building’s form, still enables the apartments and internal communal spaces plenty of sunlight. The proposed design of the building responds to and accords with uses in the surrounding area, not least the school to the north which present long modern rhythmic facades interspersed by windows and coloured window panelling.


5,859 sqm


Telford, UK

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