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FWB Pharmacy / Chemistry Refurbishment

Project Discription

The primary objective of the project was to provide modern, sustainable teaching laboratory facilities to enable the expansion of King’s Chemistry programmes as part of their overall strategy. To deliver this, the following were identified as key user requirements:

• Installation of new and additional fume cupboards;
• full laboratory and preparation refurbishment of the proposed 5th floor scope areas;
• new services infrastructure to support the space;
• efficient layout in terms of circulation and ease of surveillance;
• compliance with relevant regulations and best practice as well as College standards and policies;
• assessment of existing accessibility issues and development of a workable solution/strategy.

The accommodation comprises of:
• 72 Person Pharma Chemistry Wet Teaching Laboratory - 237 sqm;
• 84 Person Chemistry Wet Teaching Laboratory - 229 sqm;
• Instrumentation Room - 141 sqm;
• Preparation Laboratory - 42 sqm.


380 sqm


London, UK

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