London, United Kingdom


4,980 sqm


Under Construction


Pirbright Institute / BBSRC

HCLAF Brooksby Building

Project Description

The Pirbright Institute is a world leader in research and surveillance of viruses and zoonotic diseases that affect farm animals and livestock. The Institute is primarily funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Science Research Council (BBSRC). Following consolidation of the Pirbright Institute’s facilities on campus and investment in the Plowright and Jenner Buildings, the Pirbright Institute’s new ultra high containment large animal facility (HCLAF), also known as Brooksby will provide a new world class building within which to conduct In-vivo research on SAPO 4, ACDP 3 and GM Class 4 pathogens.

The new facility also provides 6no animal holding suites, each capable of accommodating various species, allowing in-vivo research to be undertaken. Investigative areas, change and welfare facilities are included as are facilities for the disposal and incineration of carcass waste within the containment area.

Challenge & Solution

This facility will be key to the overall development of the Pirbright Campus and is intended to be a key component for the institute in allowing continued success into research of livestock and zoonotic pathogens.

Innovation & Added-Value