Coventry, United Kingdom


2,750 sqm



University of Warwick

Scarman & Arden Refurbishment

Project Description

The team at BMJ seamlessly married the interior design refurbishment of Warwick Conference’s existing conference facility with their new brand identity and theme in a manner that responds to the different markets being served – Scarman House, the commercial element & Arden House, the postgraduate ‘Homestyle’ element.

Our collaboration with the services engineer and AV team allowed us to blend in discrete building services, fittings, lighting and acoustic treatments that enhanced the interior concept and ambience.

Challenge & Solution

Our interior design strategy needed to create stimulating, attractive, visually interesting environments that turned the expected brand into an unexpected experience.

We collaborated closely with the client to create a cohesive, identifiable brand identity with bright, inviting interiors seamlessly married with the client’s new branding as part of a masterplan approach.

We incorporated great wall graphics for clear and intuitive way finding, along with unexpected feature room designs to create a truly memorable set of spaces.

Innovation & Added-Value

We worked closely with a graphic designer to boost the brand identity through use of colour, choice of furniture, lighting, fixtures to create a unique and memorable experience.

We developed and communicated our interior concepts through sketches, mood boards, as well as 3D computer visualisations.