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The Scottish Crime Campus

Project Discription

The Scottish Crime Campus provides forensic laboratory and high quality office space with numerous support facilities to enhance collaboration between various anti-crime agencies.

The Campus is significant in the context of a wider exploration of architectural quality for government buildings as set out in the Government’s Architecture Policy. Police Scotland, Specialist Crime Division, the National Crime Agency, HM Revenue and Customs, Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, Scottish Police Authority and Forensic Services will work together in the campus as a standalone entity.

Adaptability is built into the arrangement of the building around a central multi layered atrium which facilitates interaction. The communal areas are located to encourage assembly and the exchange of information. Canteen and gymnasium facilities add to the mix.

The location of the agencies in buildings across Central Scotland inhibited collaboration of information sharing and that serendipitous occasion of accidental meetings which prove fundamental to inter-agency collaboration and inspiration.

The spaces internally are multi valent where numerous uses can be accommodated and adaptable cellular spaces provide for 1-2-1 or conference meetings.

The building is a mechanism by which those involved can more efficiently and more effectively carry out their work in that it is a memorable building that lifts the spirits.

We worked with the various agencies and services on a building design arranged around a central atrium with transepts to meet current and future operational requirement and encourage shared and collaborative working and innovation across the 1100 occupants.

We demonstrated through client and facility evaluation:

• substantial improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of the partners in combating crime;
• foster proactive cooperation and collaboration between the agencies;
• provide expert forensic scientific support to local and national partners.


22,500 sqm


Gartcosh, UK

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