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Scarman & Arden Refurbishment

"Anything is Possible"

The success of this fit out project, for Warwick Conferences at Scarman House and Arden House was determined by the seamless marriage of theme colours and the new Warwick Conferences brand identity. BMJ used the flexibility in the brand identity to accommodate thematic differences that responded to the different markets being served - Scarman House the commercial element and Arden House the postgraduate ‘home style’.

We collaborated closely with the Client to recognise and respond to changes as the project unfolded and adopted a forward thinking approach looking at their long term needs, not just those of the immediate brief. The detailed schedule of the Client’s preferred suppliers and fittings, finishes and equipment was costed from the outset to establish the robust budget. We closely monitored the design at the conclusion of each design stage to ensure the Client’s “brand” design and specifications were being complied with.


2,750 sqm


Coventry, UK


University of Warwick

A Graphic Designer was brought in to boost the brand identity utilising the Client’s fonts and colours on the way finding and materiality, whilst we developed the colour schemes through the use of choice of furniture, lighting, fixtures and room dressing so that a unique and memorable experience was created. We developed our interior concepts, communicating our ideas through sketches, mood boards, precedents and samples (materials, finishes, room dressing) as well as through 3D computer visualisation. Our collaboration with the Engineer and AV team allowed us to blend in discrete building services fittings, lighting and acoustic treatments that enhanced the interior concept and ambience.

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