Architectural Designer / BIM Manager

Jonathan has over 10 years’ direct experience as a project architect. Successfully taking projects from initial briefing through to completion. He has a breadth of experience across a range of sectors including science, healthcare and residential. As a designer, Jonathan works with project stakeholders to optimise plan layout efficiency to realise the maximum benefit of architectural solutions for client user groups. He has led and managed design teams on medium and large-scale developments and is experienced in engaging with client users to understand their requirements and develop robust project briefs, from high level campus master planning to individual bespoke projects, implemented under a variety of procurement methods including traditional, PPP, Design and Build and framework.

His responsibilities include controlling, programming and monitoring design development and production information by various members of the design team at each stage of the plan of work. He sets targets and checks that team members are clear about relationships, monitoring progress on these targets, if issues are developing. He enables appropriate action to resolve issues before they affect objectives. He also has a wealth of technical knowledge of detailing for interior design, including specialist joinery and bespoke furniture as well as technical solutions for acoustics. Jonathan has worked with specialist consultants, suppliers and sub-contractors for the integration of building services including state of the art video and audio technology and specialist lighting display installations. His approach is methodical, consistent and thorough and he ensures project information is rigorously crosschecked and coordinated.

With a long history of delivering projects in BIM he has a deep understanding of this technology, from generating enhanced visuals to assisting with the user group process through to complex technical handover requirements.