Senior Architect

Walter joined BMJ in 2018 bringing his 11 years’ of knowledge to our complex project on the Pears Building, a £43m new building for University College London Immunology Department and is already proving to be a hard-working and popular member of the team. He is an Italian national who has worked on a selection of projects throughout Europe, primarily France and England, across a variety of sectors including residential, healthcare, education, commercial and industrial.

He has a sound technical knowledge, which is mixed with a strong design base helping him achieve the delivery of successful buildings. He possesses the technical design skills on most external and internal architectural packages achieved through working within a range of practice and team sizes.

Walter’s extensive experience includes space planning, urban planning, planning application drawings, presentation and visualisation drawings as well as studies and analysis, leading teams, managing the input and output of design and stakeholder teams and ensuring briefing meets stakeholder, end user and service providers’ expectations. Walter has gained valuable experience on a variety of procurement routes, working with multiple clients and differing client bodies.