Balfron High School
  • Balfron High School
  • Balfron High School
  • Balfron High School
  • Balfron High School
  • Balfron High School
  • Client / Stirling Council
  • Location / Balfron
  • Sector / education
  • Value / £14m
  • Status / Completed
  • Role / Architect


The new Balfron High School was designed to accommodate 920 pupils and provide the local community with a wide range of shared leisure and social facilities. Our brief was to create a campus feel on site, with a building that responded to its location and encouraged a sense of place and community spirit.

In response to this, the school was designed as a series of departmental wings, benefiting from views out to the Campsie Hills, and grouped around a south facing, external campus square.

A large triple height internal atrium opens off this square and forms the social hub of the school. Main spaces, such as the dining area, theatre and library are located around the atrium, with teaching wings branching out from these spaces.

Sports facilities are located in a separate wing, accessed from the main public reception. This area can operate as a stand alone facility, allowing the community full access, while the rest of the school remains closed.  

Through the hierarchical plan arrangement and the reference to the surrounding landscape our design responds to the client's brief with a unique and flexible building that facilitates good education practices.

Key Facts

Gross Floor Area: 13,500 sqm
Completion Date: August 2002