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The Largest Projects, Delivered at Human Scale

BMJ Architects has successfully completed masterplanning for two of the largest projects of their type in the UK: the Francis Crick Institute in London and the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow. To each masterplanning assignment we bring a considered approach to placemaking to create a dynamic urban fabric, maintaining a clear focus on what matters most: people

Optimum solutions to complex challenges

Our masterplanning ethos requires us to consider many elements to ensure a holistic and successful design and use outcome, carefully considering factors such as neighbourhood, massing, form, open space, sustainability, utilities, transport.

The question ‘where to begin?’ will have implications far beyond the first phase. Consequently, we work to understand how the site operates today as well as how we might plan for change in the future taking account of flexibility and expansion.

To achieve this, our consultation and collaboration processes are geared to ensure the right levels of stakeholders are involved consistently throughout the process and at the right times.

This process of listening, understanding then analysing allows us to create the optimum spaces and places in alignment with our clients’ goals and vision.

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