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An Environmentally Conscious Approach

Managing our own environmental impacts
Empowering stakeholders to make sustainable choices

We manage the environmental impacts of our day-to-day business activities through implementing our ISO 14001 accredited Environmental Management System – a key component of our ISO accredited Integrated Quality Management System - which requires us to put in place policies and measures that mitigate any detrimental effect our activities may have on the environment.

BMJ Architects have taken the design of highly sustainable buildings very seriously for many years. We have a proven track record of the successful design and delivery of complex projects demanding the achievement of high levels of sustainability, energy efficiency and low carbon emissions as core performance requirements. Our sustainability achievements include:

• 16 BREEAM "excellent” projects since 2011 (total value £577m);
• First BREEAM “Outstanding” rated building in Scotland;
• First BREEAM “Outstanding” rated laboratory building in the UK;
• First commercial Passivhaus project built in Scotland;
• First building to achieve combination of ‘Passivhaus’ and BREEAM ‘Excellent’.

Our approach focusses on low carbon design methodologies as a primary facilitator of sustainability and follows the principles of the energy hierarchy: optimising energy savings from passive design and fabric performance before moving on to consider active renewables technologies. This remains the most effective methodology of reducing energy consumption / carbon emissions from a building

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