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BMJ working to design & deliver Glasgow Covid-19 Lab

BMJ Architects are delighted to be working with the University of Glasgow to design and deliver the Glasgow Lighthouse Lab. This mega-lab will be integrated into the new national testing infrastructure, a diagnostics facility which has the capacity to test tens of thousands of patient samples each day for coronavirus and will be located in the University’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Campus. Professor Dame Anna Dominiczak, Vice Principal and Head of the University of Glasgow, College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences, said: “The World Health Organisation has been clear that testing is essential to push back the spread of this new coronavirus. I am pleased that the University of Glasgow can now offer the country this new, large-scale testing facility, in conjunction with our industry partners and the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde”. “I am incredibly grateful to all colleagues who have volunteered their time, expertise and skills for this testing facility. As a result of their willingness to help, we have a team of highly skilled people, a clinical space and the core equipment to start work alongside our NHS colleagues immediately.” #covid19 #coronavirus #nhs #UniversityofGlasgow


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