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Advanced Therapies Centre

Innovative Spaces for Innovative Minds

Refurbishment to the Advance Therapies Centre was to provide additional research and equipment space for the Biomedical Research Centre together with industry spin out space. The additional research space provides much needed expansion space for the BRC with appropriate accommodation for existing and new specialist equipment, both ergonomically and environmentally.

The BRC lab space has 3 main components – Immune Monitoring, Genomics and Generic BSL2 lab space. Support laboratories for all BRC users is also provided: freezer room, tissue culture, storage & support and dirty store. A series of four ACDP Cat II+ specialist labs are allocated to the BRC.


1,200 sqm


London, UK


King's College London

An open plan office space is located in the main tower for KCL users. The reception, toilet provision for the entire floor, shower, cleaners store, tea point and meeting spaces are located in the Communication Tower. A dedicated plant room is required in the North East corner of the layout to house air handling equipment serving the ACDP Cat II+ laboratories.

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