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We have an intergreted team consisting of experience in BIM, interiors, workplace and proficient lab design to create buildings and apces which can evolve with science.

Mechanochemical Cell Biology Extension

Award Winning Laboratory

Materials and Analytical Sciences Building

A Social Hub for Innovation and Research

Laboratory Medicine

Innovation for a Healthier Tomorrow

Covid Testing Regional Labs

NHS Scotland Regional Covid Laboratories

Advanced Therapies Centre

Innovative Spaces for Innovative Minds

MRC, Advance Training Centre & Laboratories

Specialist Training Laboratories

FWB Pharmacy / Chemistry Refurbishment

Modern Chemistry for Modern Minds

Biomedical Sciences Annex

Outstanding Sustainable Laboratories

William Penney Data Science Institute

A Centre for Data

28th Floor King's College

Empowering Research Through Space

Cell & Gene Therapy Catapult

Delivering Life-Changing Advanced Therapies to the World

The Courtauld Building

Rejuvenating the Past

ICTEM Basement Refurbishment

A Modern Laboratory for the Future of Science

The Discovery Centre for Translational & Interdisciplinary Research


Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Teaching & Learning

A Model Facility for Healthcare

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine – Tavistock Place 2

Leading Research in Public Health

Scottish Oceans Institute

World Class Research Facility

The Scottish Crime Campus

Agencies Collaborating for Serious Crime and Counter – Terrorism

ACEX & Bone

Flexibility in Research

Project ICE

Empowering Personalized Care

The Pears Building

An Integrated System of Research & Translational Medicine

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