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We design state of the art education facilities ranging from Nurseries to University Research facilities.

Mechanochemical Cell Biology Extension

Award Winning Laboratory

Materials and Analytical Sciences Building

A Social Hub for Innovation and Research

Ninewells Lecture Theatre

Flexibility in Community

Glasgow Academy

Unique and Aspiring Space for Learning

New Birthing Suite

State-of-the-Art Birthing Facility

LonDEC Project

State-of-the-Art Education and Training Centre

Campbeltown Dental Access Centre

Quality Dental Care for the residents of Campbeltown & Kintyre.

Enterprise Lab at Imperial College London

Spaces for Innovation

Rocking Horse Nursery

Sustainable Learning

MRC, Advance Training Centre & Laboratories

Specialist Training Laboratories

FWB Pharmacy / Chemistry Refurbishment

Modern Chemistry for Modern Minds

ICTEM Basement Refurbishment

A Modern Laboratory for the Future of Science

The Discovery Centre for Translational & Interdisciplinary Research


Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Teaching & Learning

A Model Facility for Healthcare

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine – Tavistock Place 2

Leading Research in Public Health

Scottish Oceans Institute

World Class Research Facility

Scarman & Arden Refurbishment

"Anything is Possible"

ACEX & Bone

Flexibility in Research

Project ICE

Empowering Personalized Care

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